Jan 8, 2009

Ralph the Lobster

It was a sunny Saturday morning. As we walked into Pittsford Seafood, little did any of the creatures know what was to be expected. Who we walked out with was Ralph, a medium sized lobster about to experience the oddest exchange of gift giving....

The White Elephant Party was everything is was made out to be. The gifts under the tree varied in sizes and shapes and wrapping. There was certainly no shortage of creativity. I waited patiently for someone to choose mine, and when it finally happened, no one saw it coming. And of all people to go for my gift, a vegetarian nonetheless. The butter and lemon were a dead giveaway. But once it was discovered what was truly hiding beneath the shredded moistened newspaper within the plastic grocery bag, a frightened and disgusted chooser decidedly put down the gift with disappointment. But not all was lost. I was the next person to choose, and I decided to swap my gift and take back my friend for my own enjoyment.

And enjoy him we did. A day later we took him out of his familiar plastic bag and wet paper shreds and let him wander the kitchen table. He flipped and flopped and made it seem like he was ready to get back into the waters. But before I knew it, without even the chance to bid farewell, he was ripped apart. Tail detached, claws and legs still twitching, he was ready for the heat. Even though lobster is at an all time low in cost and high availability, it's hard not to naturally pair the sweet rich flavor with something luxurious. It was only appropriate to turn Ralph into a delicious black truffle and lobster risotto. Made with fresh lobster stock, and finished with creamy mascarpone and fresh chives, it was the perfect way to solute our friend who made it through selection, rejection, and reunion all within just a few days.

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