Born and raised in Rochester, I am proud to call the Flour City home for me and my family. After graduating from Merrimack College in Andover, MA in 2003, I came back to Rochester and starting working at the world's premier specialty cooking retail store. There I was the store's Culinary Expert and led weekly cooking classes.

During off hours (and sometimes slow spurts) I would spend my spare time reading through 100's of cookbooks. I started cooking passionately for my friends and family and my love for all things food erupted.

I started this blog in 2008 as a virtual platform to share my recipes. Nine years later it also includes photos and/or posts from restaurant visits along with interesting and new places around town.

In 2012, my love for food and writing came to fruition when I was asked to be one of the new restaurant reviewers for our region's largest media organization, the Democrat & Chronicle, a Gannett publication. It's truly been a privilege and pleasure to have my name in print on the byline.

I'm often asked what my favorite spots in town are – since I'm frequently dining out and have a lot of opinions. And while there are a handful that roll off of my tongue, it's the unexpected stops that I light up about – Usually not the "buzzed about town" place. It's this aspect of my job as a freelance food writer that I love. I'm given the opportunity to try someone's business that I otherwise might not think of visiting. And then I can spread the word.

At the heart of it I am a critic and always have been. I'm not a food snob, per se, since I often love simple food the most. But I know that our region has potential to be a dining destination. I'd like to make even just a speck of a different by changing the way we see our local culinary canvas. We're surrounded by lush agriculture to provide chefs with fresh, seasonal ingredients enlivening their plates. We have an educated and informed community with a vast interest in food. It's an exciting time to be living in Western and Upstate New York. I am lucky to touch upon just a fragment of what's going on out there. 

Food eaten with others tastes better.