Feb 24, 2009

Should Tough Times Call for Tough Cuts of Meat?

It seems like everywhere you look nowadays, you can't escape the fact that this country is struggling to cope with the current economic tidal wave that has plummeting down on our heads. "Cost Effective" here, "Cheaper Options" there. It's really refreshing to know that the services we all took for granted for so long are willing to offer more affordable alternatives in order to accommodate the pinch our wallets have been feeling. But for the very few who are lucky enough to still splurge on the luxuries, or for those who maybe want to escape the thought of financial turmoil for just one evening, it is staring right at you from the pages of a dinner menu. The focus within the food industry right now seems to revolve around cushioning patrons to feel better about dining out because they are spending less. Menu items are going down in price, prix fix multiple course options are seeming more reasonable, and ultimately promotional discounted meals are bringing in much needed business for restaurants. I am very much in agreement to the counterbalance such businesses are taking because in-turn everyone wins. People are spending less, yet these establishments are still in business. So does it make you wonder why they couldn't have just charged less from the beginning. And if it is possible for them to actually stay in business while still charging less, why they didn't do so until their customers were struggling financially. I am not naive, I understand the concept of making money where money can be made. But will prices go back up once the economy turns around and people will have to spend more to go out once again? Then we'll spend more on unnecessary luxuries again and put ourselves into debt and have to be bailed out again? I see a cycle here. But if there is one thing I learned in Economics class in college it was the whole cause and effect factor that economies revolve around. And without the "ups" there wouldn't be "downs" and vice versa. Getting back to my point that more closely relates to food....If we're not sacrificing taste or quality but paying less why can't things always be that way? And if we are, then I just want to close my eyes and wake up when the good stuff is served again. 

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