Oct 7, 2010

Favorite Season?

I must admit, I'm a little undecided about proclaiming fall my favorite season. I mean, when the snow begins to melt and our layers of clothing become lighter I really love spring. Or when I see the first snowflake of the year and we get to throw on our cozy fur lined boots and wool caps I really love winter. And when school is out and the mood in the air is brighter I love summer. But there's a different feeling about fall that overcomes me; a homey, comforting scent in the air brought on by changing foliage and warmed baked goods. And if you asked me what my favorite foods are almost all of them would be classified as warming and hearty just like fall's most popular dishes. 

So in the moment I am happy to say that I am welcoming fall with wide-open arms. I cannot wait to pick apples and bake a deep dish pie, stir up a big pot of butternut squash risotto, and dig out all my cashmere scarves. I love starting to think about how to use pumpkins to decorate the house, what different things to bring to the Thanksgiving table, and if the anticipation all year to buy glazed doughnuts and cider is really worth it (answer: it is!). 

Whether you're sad because the temperature outside goes down or you have to close your pools, no one can deny that fall doesn't bring on some of the most traditional memories of our lifetimes; from trick-or-treating to planning a Thanksgiving meal. I for one do truly love it all.

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