Apr 22, 2011

Welcome to Spring, Maybe?

Salmon and pineapple
salsa, curtz Epicurious
For those of us calling Western New York home we've been patiently waiting for the sun to make its appearance on the seasonal stage. Snow in late April? I guess we should be used to it. But enough about the weather, we're all about food over here! Though my appetite lately has not been yearning for the typical fresh fun flavors this time of year usually calls for. I sure hope things warm up soon because I'm ready for fresh tomato salads, zucchini lasagnas, berry shortcakes, and so much more. 

Soon to come on this blog will be my journey into the mouth of an infant. I will be making all of my daughter's food when she begins consuming food groups outside of rice cereal. I can't wait! 

My plan: 
Week 1 - sweet potatoes plain
Week 2 - apples and pears plain
Week 3 - peas plain
Week 4 - apricots and peaches plain
Week 5 - squash plain
Week 6 - avocado plain
Week 7 - green beans plain

Then seeing how all of these foods go over I will start introducing spices and herbs. For instance:

Week 8 - sweet potatoes with nutmeg and sage
Week 9 - apples and pears with cinnamon
Week 10 - peas with dill
Week 11 - apricots and peaches with cardamom
Week 12 - squash with ginger
Week 13 - avocado with cilantro
Week 14 - green beans with thyme

Everything will be organic and made in my Beaba baby food maker

My goal: create a healthy and non-objective palate in my little one. Wish me luck!

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