May 21, 2012

Just in time ...

[UPDATE] My "get refreshed" plan has reached a point where my scale tells me I have reached my goal weight. Woohoo, time to celebrate with a big slice of cake! Hold up, what's the secret to healthy weight loss? A lifestyle alteration of course. I'll share a few tricks that I think helped me get to today's achievement, but please don't be turned away or discouraged if you have tried any or all of these with little to no success. Just like snowflakes, no two [bodies] are the same. Do what you can when you can and celebrate your success with repetition. Keep it up and I promise your hard work will not go unnoticed.


  • Have fruit for breakfast everyday (with cereal, in a smoothie, or however you like)
  • Always have lunch plans in place - make a salad the night before, use smaller portion leftovers from dinner, or buy organic all-natural frozen meals (I like Amy's Light & Lean)
  • Greek yogurt, plain with all-natural granola
  • Pre-packaged nuts in specific calorie limits (I like these)
  • Go vegan/vegetarian as many days a week as you like/can
  • Make dinner at home five days a week or more
  • Be vegetarian or vegan when you dine out
  • Try gluten-free desserts if you need something sweet after
  • NEVER disallow yourself a treat - It's okay to have an "ice cream night out" or burger and fries
  • Drink a lot of water or green tea
  • Use coconut or almond milks rather than soy/dairy when you can
  • Try whey protein mixes in smoothies to stay energized and suppress appetite
  • Start by finding out how many calories you need to consume in order to reach your weight goal - I like this site
  • Don't worry about calories all the time (i.e. calories in avocados and bananas are high but they're good your health so don't get hung up on it)

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